Thursday, 17 September 2015

Urban Food Fortnight

It’s Urban Food Fortnight until the 27th of September, so we thought we ought to get the new design of our London honey jar up on the website! We rather like the gold bee. As the honey harvest comes in to the warehouse in Bermondsey we have a wider range available on the website, including Buckinghamshire, Field Bean, Shropshire and Wood Sage.

Steve started keeping bees in London over twenty years ago now, when the urban food scene was still in the early days. Many of the friends he made during the younger years of trading at Borough Market are now neighbours at Spa Terminus – such as Monmouth Coffee and the Ham and Cheese Company. Beekeeping has been a key into some amazing London places, such as peering into the Globe Theatre from the roof of the Tate Modern or climbing into an old water storage tank to see the bees at one of the apiaries in Wapping.

But it’s the friends we’ve made along the way which really make it worthwhile, the people we’ve supplied for years and the fresh faces coming into the food scene that we continue to meet.  We’re flattered the lovely Melrose and Morgan, who are old allies, have included us in their pick of London Artisans for the Urban Food Fortnight. 


Mead and Cheese Matching

Another bastion of the London food scene is the fabulous La Fromagerie. If you need some help deciding what to eat with our Long Mynd Mead then La Fromagerie did an excellent job of matching cheeses to it for our recent launch party. They suggest the following:

Lot, Midi Pyrénées
Unpasteurised Goat’s Milk
Traditional Rennet
This is a wild and beautiful arid area with scrubby grassland of wild thyme and gorse & dense woodland of Chestnut trees.  The goats are allowed to roam and therefore eat lots of herbs and chestnuts which then give the milk its definitive herbal bosky flavours.  The early Spring cheeses are fresh and tangy and as the season progresses the flavours become more full. 
(Approx weight 90g 45%fat)

Unpasteurised Cow’s Milk
Traditional Rennet
In a heart shape the rind has a soft, downy, velvety bloom and the cheese is close textured and crumbly with a gentle salty tang.  Best eaten quite young as the fresh mushroom aroma and light nutty flavours can become rather sharp and aggressive if allowed to ripen too far.  The gentle rolling countryside around Forges-les-Eaux is the best area to find these cheeses.  (Approx weight 200gr.  45% fat)

Pasteurised Cow’s Milk
Traditional Rennet
Soft Camembert size cheese lightly washed with Annatto (orange coloured vegetable extract) and with scatterings of white bloomy moulds.  The taste is rich, mellow and fruity like clotted crème fraiche.  We washed the cheeses in the Mead wine before finishing the maturing process in our cellars.  (Approx weight 250g.  45% fat)

Bedale, North Yorkshire
Pasteurised Cow’s Milk
Vegetarian Rennet
A semi-hard crumbly textured pasteurised cow’s milk cheese using vegetable rennet, with a smooth thin natural dry crust bound in muslin.  A moist, hazelnut creamy taste with fresh salty tang, and perfect for partnering dried fruits or even fruit cake.  (Approx weight 2.5kg  45% fat)

Cropwell Bishop Creamery, Nottingham
Pasteurised cow’s milk
Traditional rennet
A rich and creamy cheese with a mellow nutty blue veining running through which is not too overpowering or bitter but has a salty hit which would be a good match for beer.  The cheeses are matured for 7 weeks, and the traditional rennet brings out the milk style of the Peak district grazing pastures which are rich in iron minerals.  A perfect cheese to enjoy on its own or as part of a cheeseboard with softer style cheeses.

You can now buy our mead, a traditional alcoholic drink made from honey, at Fortnum’s Piccadilly store, at Melrose and Morgan, in store and online, as well as through Haringey Local Stores and the Quality Chop House.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

South Coast Secrets

July 2015

One of Steve’s most wonderful and picturesque bee sites is down on the South Coast about 2 hours from London, near Hastings. This beautiful place feels like another world with nothing for miles but beach huts. There’s something about the place that just gives you a calm and peaceful feeling, I think Steve enjoys escaping to this wild west like land away from the stresses of London life. 

However, Steve’s not just there for the views, there’s a more important reason for the drive down to the South Coast, the harvesting of the honey from the wild wood sage - an unusual and complex honey with woody forest notes! The hives are located by a series of fishing ponds which are great for cooling off in after a hard days work of beekeeping in the sun. This year the wood sage crop hasn’t been as good due to strong winds, resulting in less honey being harvested. 

Whatever the results of the day’s beekeeping Steve, Nic and Hannah are always cheered by the local snack bar, one of Steve’s all time favourites. The menu changes daily depending on what the fisherman have caught that day, so Steve always allows time for a fish sarnie before his drive back to London. 

Don't Drink and Drive!

June 2015

We are very excited to announce after years of development the London Honey Company’s very own mead. The mead launched exclusively at Piccadilly's Fortnum and Mason earlier this month. The mead is made from Steve’s bitter sweet ling heather honey from the Shropshire moors which is beautifully balanced by the apple acidity of Kentish Cox, Bramley and Russets to produce a clean  contemporary palate.The mead has been made in collaboration with the award winning British wine maker Owen Elias who has won UKVA wine maker of the year 4 times so is perfect for the job when it comes to capturing the aromatic qualities of Steve’s ling heather honey. 

The mead is perfect as an aperitif, or can be enjoyed with smoked almonds, roast pork or even cheese. Don’t miss out on this unique blend of mead, get yours now from the Fortnum and Mason website for £16.50 at: 

So what else is new? 

The new bee-mobile is here and it’s bigger and better than before! We won’t bore you with too much car talk but it’s a Toyota Hilux active single cab, 4 wheel drive, hopefully reducing Steve’s likelihood of getting stuck in the mud, fitted with a commercial body and canopy. The back was purpose built and designed specifically for bee boxes and camping overnight in the moors when Steve has honey boxes to move up in Shropshire.

However, not everyone’s pleased with the new truck, Teal, Steve’s dog and the London Honey Company mascot, is less than happy with the trade in. The new van doesn’t have a long bench in the back for him to stretch out on and have a sleep whilst Steve’s out beekeeping. And with only 2 seats Teal is on the floor if Steve has a guest. Also, there seems to be less space in the footwells for Teal to take cover from an incoming invasion of bees. 

Earlier this month Steve and Teal tested the new bee truck for the first time and found it to be rather comfortable! Teal even got in to the bottom of the sleeping bag where he stayed whilst Steve went beekeeping!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The right stuff

February 2015

New in this year is White Stuff's ‘The birds and the bees’ campaign that includes a beekeeper we are extremely familiar with. If you’d like to catch up with Steve’s interview with White Stuff it can be found on their website at:

New Year, new me?

January 2015

The New Year has arrived and this means another busy bee season for us. But what about you? We all make resolutions and it seems that in 2015 many people are focusing on cleansing and health and we have something that might just do the job. We are now serving hot honey and lemon at our new warehouse in Bermondsey every Saturday morning. So if you’re looking for something to cure your January blues, then pop down and have both your throat and mind cleansed. You can choose from either a spoonful of Hawthorn, Heather or Borage in vintage china cups.

Our warehouse shop is open every Saturday from 9am -2pm for a map and address, see:

Happy Holidays!

December 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone! We’ve had a great year at the London honey Company, but to top it all off we have also had these wonderful products that can be found for sale on our website

These magnificent gift set ideas work on a 1,2,3,4 basis. No1 being a Honeycomb urn of Shropshire Ling Heather comb in Borage honey. No2 are beeswax hand dipped stubby candles. No3 Leach Pottery egg cups, from St Ives, filled with London beeswax and finally No4 are individual Honeys from around the UK. These include Woodsage (Kent), Heather (Shropshire), London (Harrow) and Blueberry (Dorset). Each come in a hand-built, waxed card box with our bee embossed on top.

Also, this festive period we are offering something new that has been a big hit with Saturday morning customers, festive handmade Christmas tree beeswax candles! They are selling fast and have been popular both online and in shop! Here is a pic of the famous candles. 

Out with the old, in with the new

September 2014

Don’t panic! You won’t have to travel further for your honey on a Saturday morning because luckily we’ve only moved across the yard. For those of you who visited our old shop, or as we liked to call it ‘the cave’ will know how much of an important move this is for us.  It was given the nickname ‘the cave’ by our costumers due to the damp walls and distinct lack of daylight. There weren’t even any places for Teal to stretch out in the sun!

Our old shop just wasn’t large enough for our business to grow and we didn’t have enough office, packing, and bottling space so it was very much a case of making use of what we’d got even if it wasn’t the most efficient way of doing things. Finally, after 3 years, we were ready to move in to this extraordinary new space under a railway arch in the same industrial estate in Bermondsey.  Here we now have a large office upstairs, shelving to store honey, separate bottling and packing rooms with drainage in the middle to keep things clean and tidy. A freezer which can be used to store honey boxes to protect against wax moth, shop space at the front and lots more. 

All this new, efficient and useful space is perfect for helping our business to grow. We have also been awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 out of 5 for our new warehouse. I think it’s safe to say we all prefer the railway arch to the cold, dark depths of the cave. Although, it served us well and shall not be forgotten.