Thursday, 26 February 2015

The right stuff

February 2015

New in this year is White Stuff's ‘The birds and the bees’ campaign that includes a beekeeper we are extremely familiar with. If you’d like to catch up with Steve’s interview with White Stuff it can be found on their website at:

New Year, new me?

January 2015

The New Year has arrived and this means another busy bee season for us. But what about you? We all make resolutions and it seems that in 2015 many people are focusing on cleansing and health and we have something that might just do the job. We are now serving hot honey and lemon at our new warehouse in Bermondsey every Saturday morning. So if you’re looking for something to cure your January blues, then pop down and have both your throat and mind cleansed. You can choose from either a spoonful of Hawthorn, Heather or Borage in vintage china cups.

Our warehouse shop is open every Saturday from 9am -2pm for a map and address, see:

Happy Holidays!

December 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone! We’ve had a great year at the London honey Company, but to top it all off we have also had these wonderful products that can be found for sale on our website

These magnificent gift set ideas work on a 1,2,3,4 basis. No1 being a Honeycomb urn of Shropshire Ling Heather comb in Borage honey. No2 are beeswax hand dipped stubby candles. No3 Leach Pottery egg cups, from St Ives, filled with London beeswax and finally No4 are individual Honeys from around the UK. These include Woodsage (Kent), Heather (Shropshire), London (Harrow) and Blueberry (Dorset). Each come in a hand-built, waxed card box with our bee embossed on top.

Also, this festive period we are offering something new that has been a big hit with Saturday morning customers, festive handmade Christmas tree beeswax candles! They are selling fast and have been popular both online and in shop! Here is a pic of the famous candles. 

Out with the old, in with the new

September 2014

Don’t panic! You won’t have to travel further for your honey on a Saturday morning because luckily we’ve only moved across the yard. For those of you who visited our old shop, or as we liked to call it ‘the cave’ will know how much of an important move this is for us.  It was given the nickname ‘the cave’ by our costumers due to the damp walls and distinct lack of daylight. There weren’t even any places for Teal to stretch out in the sun!

Our old shop just wasn’t large enough for our business to grow and we didn’t have enough office, packing, and bottling space so it was very much a case of making use of what we’d got even if it wasn’t the most efficient way of doing things. Finally, after 3 years, we were ready to move in to this extraordinary new space under a railway arch in the same industrial estate in Bermondsey.  Here we now have a large office upstairs, shelving to store honey, separate bottling and packing rooms with drainage in the middle to keep things clean and tidy. A freezer which can be used to store honey boxes to protect against wax moth, shop space at the front and lots more. 

All this new, efficient and useful space is perfect for helping our business to grow. We have also been awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 out of 5 for our new warehouse. I think it’s safe to say we all prefer the railway arch to the cold, dark depths of the cave. Although, it served us well and shall not be forgotten. 

Where does the Heather go?

September 2014

Here it is! Our beautiful jar of Shropshire heather honey launched in our new range for Selfridges! It can be found at:

Honey from the Hills

August 2014

The four hour journey from London to the Shropshire hills is an important one in which we embark each year. The reason for this large transportation of bees in the late summer is down to one crucial factor, the vibrant purple ling heather.

Ling heather doesn’t blossom until the very late summer months and is popular with bees looking for a nectar source at the end of the summer. The ling heather is amazing for honey because it is rich in protein and creates a strong and aromatic flavour. The honey also includes hydrogen peroxide which exerts antiseptic action.

Moving the bees on to the heather is a big job and is very physically demanding. Each hive has to be lifted off the trailer carefully in the dead of night. However, a job like this isn’t so bad considering the location. The Shropshire hills where Steve grew up are wonderful and tranquil and the small wood on top of the Long Mynd where the bees are finally set down is a perfect spot for a cup of tea after a long back breaking evening of lifting the bees.  

Model material?

July 2014

Check this out! Our very own London Honey man looking very stylish indeed in his shoots for Clarks the shoe markers. Pictured here in our warehouse shop, the roof of Tate Modern and on his old Vespa he uses to scoot around the hives in summer.